Some more updates about Ajith's Viswasam after Nayanthara
Tuesday February-06 2018

Ajith's 58th movie Viswasam, which is planned to release for Diwali this year along with Vijay-ARM movie and Suriya-Selvaragavan movie, going to start shooting on February 22nd. We already know that the promising director who gave blockbuster movies like Siruthai, Veeram, Vedalam, Vivegam in Tamil cinema industry joined with Thala Ajith for the fourth time. Early yesterday Suresh Chandra, who is the manager of Thala Ajith tweeted that the female lead of the Viswasam is finalized and the lady superstar Nayanthara has signed for the movie.  It's also reported that the actress is going to play an important role in the movie which is nearly equal to the actor's role. 


As we know, the actress Nayanthara is also going to pair with Thala Ajith for the fourth time. They were worked together before in movies like Billa, Arrambam which was directed by stylish director Vishnuvardhan and the movie Aegan which was directed by dance choreographer Raju Sundaram.  These three movies have one more similarity that the music composer is Yuvan Shankar Raja and the all songs of these three albums became successful. But in Viswasam, it seems the music director is not yet finalized and the rockstar Anirudh and Yuvan Shankar Raja are on the talk to compose the music part of this movie.


Reports from close to the team say that the movie has three schedules and the team in planned to finish the shoot in short period of time. The first schedule is going to be in the sets of Hyderabad and the next two schedules will be in Chennai binny mills and in and around Chennai city. All three schedules will be completed in the next 4 months as they planned and the first look of Viswasam, teaser, trailer and audio songs will be released one by one once they completed the shoot parts.

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