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Superstar Rajinikanth's next movie with Mersal Director Atlee- Movie crew details
Thursday February-08 2018

Superstar Rajinikanth's next movie is with the 'Mersal' director who gave continuous three blockbuster movies (Rajarani, Theri, and Mersal) in Tamil industry. Sources say that the director Atlee narrated a political-social script to Superstar Rajinikanth in his house and the actor liked the script and he is fully satisfied. Currently, Superstar is busy in his political party members selection works. However, he finished his part of works for his upcoming two movies 2.0 and Kaala, which are almost completed and ready to release. The production company Thenandal Studio Limited which is produced the Vijay-Atlee movie Mersal is going to produce the Superstar Rajinikanth-Atlee movie, the report says. If the director Atlee is confirmed for Thalaivar 165, then the expected crew list is here. 


Probably the oscar hero A.R.Rahman will be the music director because he worked with the director in the movie Mersal and it was the blockbuster. A.R.Rahman already worked with Superstar Rajinikanth in the Superhit movies like Muthu, Padayappa, Baba, Sivaji, Endhiran, Kochadaiiyaan, Lingaa, and 2.0.  And we are expecting the most charming actress lady superstar 'Nayanthara' will be doing the female lead role in that movie. She has already worked with Superstar in Chandramukhi, Sivaji, and Kushelan. She is also worked in the movie 'Rajarani' which is the debut movie of the director Atlee. 


There were some rumors spreading in Kodambakkam and social media a few months back that the 'Vada Chennai' director Vetrimaaran is going to direct superstar Rajinikanth in his next movie and the actor Dhanush going to produce that movie. There were also some rumors that the music director Santosh Narayanan who is the music director of Vetrimaaran's 'Vada Chennai' is doing the music part of that Rajini-Vetrimaaran movie. Let's wait for the official confirmation from the production company whether its Atlee or Vetrimaaran for Thalaivar 165 (#Thalaivar165).

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